My Pre Beta Copy of The Mason of Hearts Came


Guess what?

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Professionalism in Your Writing Career



Professionalism in Your Writing Career

(This is an important post.)

We all have weak spots, but it’s extremely important that in our writing careers we be as professional as can be. It can be harder than ever now a days with the internet and social media. Here are 7 rules to professionalism in the writing career.

1. Your online presence is YOU.

How you act on social media, advertises what kind of person you are in real life. Are you always leaving rude, sarcastic comments on Facebook? Or are you always telling your opinion or correcting people?

Think about it this way…

• Would you want people doing that on your wall?

• And if they did, what would their image be like in your mind?

Not very good, right? Well, that is probably what that other person is thinking when you are leaving those kind of comments.

Sometimes people think they can be ruder online, because it isn’t face to face, but, it is still your image… and there is still someone who is being stomped on. Keep your comments kind and professional… Remember your name is above the comments you leave. Don’t taint your name.  [Read more...]

4 Lessons I Learned From Running My First 10k

IMG_62846 am. It was completely misty out. It was challenging, because this was a huge thing for me. I was going to run a 10k. MY FIRST. EVER. IMG_6236I never thought I’d be a runner.

I’ve been training to run long distances all year and I really love it, now. Am I crazy to say that? Probably, but oh well!

At one time, I was just someone who would rather sit and do nothing, but now I am active as can be. Have you ever felt you’d rather do nothing than work out? If so, read on.

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In which, I challenge you… {a.k.a. My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge}

In which, I challenge you… my blog friends – to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Are you going to take the challenge? Let’s spread the word. After recording yourself and uploading it, be sure to share your link in the comments. I am going to give some money to help with ALS. You? Challenge yourself and give something! It’s a scary disease. Make a difference! Donate to the ALS Association  here! or here!

You have 24 hours.

If you have time, please also watch this video. It’s so touching and scary! Let’s try help these people. We can make a difference!

An Editing Chat with the Lovely Holly Brown


I’d like to invite Holly Brown back to the blog. I hope you’ve really enjoyed these convos with writers on editing over the past few weeks. This is going to be the last one of this “Editing Series” as I have some new exciting things coming this way. If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out the other chats with authors about their editing style at the bottom of this post. Enjoy & have a great Writerly Wednesday!

1. What is your editing style like?

I don’t know how orthodox it is, but I tend to edit in layers. I like to re-read the last chapter (sometimes two) before I write another one, and this is when I do my first edits. I usually spot glaring grammar mistakes, typos, and general inconsistencies in this first edit. It also helps me to be in a better frame of mind before embarking on a new chapter.

Ideally, by the time the book is finished, it’s already been through that one edit, and however superficial, it really does make a difference. Once the book is completed, and has been through it’s first edit, I read the entire book as though I’m reading it for the first time. I usually find more grammar errors, plot holes, and the like in this second edit.

Following this, I print the book do line edits as a hard copy. This is typically the most beneficial for me, personally, as there’s just something about reading a physical book that brings out my red pen and inner-editor. This last self-edit is generally spent focusing on the general appearance and nuance of the novel. Once everything is polished as best as I can get it, I send it off to beta readers so they can find what I’ve missed. Ideally, process will be completed twice. [Read more...]

The Mason of Hearts edit is DONE!

YES! I finally did! The Mason of Hearts edit is DONE!

The total count comes down to: 

• 81 Chapters

• 91,147 words

• 626 Pages

I am so excited! Just had to let you all know. Keep an eye out for an exciting post this week with some fun pictures and maybe even a contest!



Editing with Susan Dennard

Susan4-1Today, for Writing Wednesday, I would like to introduce you to Susan Dennard and today we will be chatting about editing.

1. What is your editing style like?

My revising style is very organized and very structured.

2. While on a deadline, how do you stay on top of your edits?

I stay on top of my revisions by working every day from 5AM to 7PM until the revisions are done. :)

3. About how many chapters do you aim to finish in a day?

I can’t say that I finish a set amount each day. Rather, I finish as many pages as I finish. Sometimes I’ll revise 50 pages in a day and other days, I’ll only manage to revise 5 pages. It all depends on how much work the pages demand.

4. How long (week wise) do you edit for?

I revise until I’m finished and I feel the book is in the best possible condition. Usually this takes anywhere from several weeks to several months. :)

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In A Complicated Relationship With Your Characters?

I have a few chapters I am pulling apart with a deeper edit. I can’t wait to be done. Then I can share with you all the things I’ve learned from writing and editing and revising this book. This post of mine was originally published on The Write Practice, but I thought I’d share it with you all here. :)

I sat at the computer rubbing my brow. I’d written at least 60,000 words in my work in progress so far and my main character was still giving me a hard time. Others were having temper tantrums, standing in the shadowed corner of my mind with their arms crossed.

No matter what I did, they wouldn’t speak to me and they wouldn’t move from the shadows.

I followed all the tips I could find on inspiration and getting out of writer’s block, but I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t speaking to me. Have you ever felt this way? Or experienced something similar? Have you ever been in a complicated relationship with your characters?

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Editing with Ksenia Anske

Today, I want to introduce Author, Ksenia Anske to the blog. Today on Writer’s Wednesday, we are chatting editing.

Ksenia Anske1. What is your editing style like?

I just edit. Meaning, I rewrite each sentence until it sounds good to me, and move on. Some sentences I cut out completely. The whole of it is mostly shrinking the manuscript, as I have the tendency to over-write. I write a lot in my 1st draft, because I know that in consecutive drafts I will cut most of the fluff out. And one other thing, I start from the beginning and finish at the end. I don’t jump around the manuscript, but go over it in order, until done, doing a complete rewrite. Oh, I guess there is one more thing. Before starting the edit, I read the previous draft in 1 or 2 days, with as few interruptions as possible, and write down things I need to fix on Post-It notes. Then I stick them up on a white board over my writing desk, so when I edit, I can make the changes and peel off the notes that have been completed.

2. While on a deadline, how do you stay on top of your edits?

I turn off the glorious internets! Seriously, I hole up and work without interruptions for 7 to 9 hours, for as long as I can go. [Read more...]