Blog Hop : The Writing Process

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What are you working on?

I am currently working on editing my novel “The Mason of Hearts” which will be the first of a Trilogy titled “The Created Ones Trilogy”

I am super excited about this book. I am currently doing edit number 4. Here are some pictures of my crazy-editing-revision-rewriting process.


So many things to change and fix… but it’s fun! :)

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Can I be in Your Movie?

“The Mason of Hearts” current progress : It is in the middle of its 4th edit. I just finished running it through the mill, literally… haha…

I hope to be done with this edit by the 26th-30th of April. I am so excited and almost impatient. And for you lovely people who wanted to beta read for “The Mason of Hearts” I will be sending out an email (to all those that matched the book) this coming week with more information.  :) Can’t wait! :)


“When your book becomes a movie, can I be in it?”

Honestly, I have had people ask me this question!

First off, unfortunately, I have no control over who gets casted in my book, if it becomes a movie. Just thought I’d clear that up quick before diving in. :) I laughed when I saw this on a tv show – watch the short clip here.

Just thought I would compile a few of the questions people have asked me about writing. Question and answer time! haha.. If you have a writing question and you’d like it answered on my blog. Click on the contact tab up above and send me the question. I will be sure to answer your questions.  [Read more...]

Are You a Repeater? {3 Ways Writers Misuse Repetition}

I’ve just come out of the Revision Prison for a break to connect with you all. It’s been a crazy few weeks on the editing/revising side. In the editing/revising stages you find all the ways your novel isn’t working and the ways it is working. And I want to talk to you all today about one thing that puts a damper on our stories. It’s “repetition”.

3 Ways Writers Misuse Repetition


During edits many writers feel like “everything is awesome!” isn’t what their book is. Remember your book is awesome. But after the edits and revisions it will be “AWESOME AWESOME!”

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How to Control Your Inner Fat Kid… {Get in Shape as a Writer} – Part 2



This is the second post in the {Get in Shape as a Writer Blog Series} Haven’t read the first one yet? No problem, read it here.

One day I was really craving sweets.

Sweets of all kinds.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. (But, I didn’t make any.)

Mini Reeses Cups. (Problem… I had these in my closet.)

Snickerdoodle Cookies. (But, I didn’t make them either.)

Hershey Kisses Hugs. (Problem again, I had these in my closet too… *Stars light up Devin’s eyes* But, aren’t they amazing?)

I wanted my sweets. And I had some.

Do you know this feeling? And do you wish your inner fat kid would back off? I know how this feels. If you were just nodding your head up and down – then I can help you.

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Miss Mabel’s School For Girls

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.24.15 PMNote from Devin’s Desk: Please welcome my friend, Katie Cross to the blog! Her new book is coming out tomorrow!! How exciting!??? Let’s give her a warm and big welcome!!

For me, writing a book involved a lot of staring at a computer screen, erasing text, pulling my hair out, and Pinterest.

Oh, yes. You heard right. Pinterest.

The power of Pinterest comes from the images. I always find photos that I want to remember and have access to, so I pin them to a board for later reference. So, I thought to myself, Hey, I’m releasing my first book, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. Why don’t I give the readers something to look at in anticipation of the book?

So instead of a boring interview where I talk about how great I am, I’m here today to take you on a visual tour to give you a few ideas of what you can expect to find in this exciting new YA fantasy novel, Miss Mabel’s School for Girls.

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How to Get in Shape as a Writer – Part 1


First photo was taken in December. Third photo was taken this month.

As a writer, I sit a lot because my work is all done on the computer. But, throughout the year of 2013 I wasn’t really happy with myself. I decided to lose weight, because I could tell I’d been gaining weight. So, I decided 2014 was MY YEAR!

I stepped on the scale… & I felt depressed.

Have you ever felt this way?

I am just going to be upfront and truthful with you. When I stepped on the scale I saw that I was the heaviest I’d ever weighed. This made me upset with myself. How did I let myself come to this?

But since the beginning of this year, I’ve lost 16lbs. What I’ve been doing has been working. Finally I am much more comfortable in my skin and happier.

I am a writer and I am healthy. I wasn’t always. But, I am now.

Have you ever felt depressed about your weight? Have you had low energy and a low esteem? Do you want to start getting in shape to be the healthiest you, you can be?

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I Will Be Posting More Starting This Week! #sohappytobeback

1625737_10100178209375420_1786329459_nHow has your March been?

I just recently finished editing my critique partner’s book. It was great. I am so excited though, because we will be switching our books back to one another on Sunday. Excited much!?

Yesterday I did something for the first time ever! I was searching for agents.

Did I just say that? haha… I can’t believe it… It’s getting closer to when I’ll finally be able to send out my query letter.

Other than that I’ve been doing some freelance writing and photography jobs.

This coming week I will be posting more. But for now, I thought I’d put up some recent pictures. Thought you might enjoy a little peak into my life in the past month.  [Read more...]

Playing Catch Up… Blog Style…


This saying is something I’ve learned to be so true. If you don’t do the work, you aren’t going to reach your goals or dreams.

The past few months have been so busy! So sorry its been awhile since I last posted. Man, have I missed it on here.

I haven’t been able to be on here much the past few months because I was traveling and had an editing deadline for “The Mason of Hearts” and YAY for that… because, I finished it! I sent it to my critique partner. At the moment, I am up to my ears in my critique partner’s edits. I am totally enjoying her story.


• Johan came to visit. It was glorious.
• Thanksgiving. Johan’s first Full Out American Thanksgiving. We had a full house as my grandma and cousin came up and my brother and sister both came home too.

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Have Happiness…

Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

I am back.

So apparently today is called the “most depressing day” and I don’t know why someone would set a day up to be depressing. Who wants to have a depressing day? Not me.

I remember many years ago on my birthday (January 24th) I woke up to hear the newsman say that it was “the most depressing day”. It wasn’t very enjoyable to hear that. How pessimistic.

Why not instead say it is the most joyous day, because you can make anything of it. It is a new day – full of opportunity.

haha… end of mini rant.

I just got back from being in Florida for a few weeks. It was a nice break from the cold weather and such. And Johan really enjoyed Disney. No one does themes and fun like Disney. Which reminds me, did you know Disney had been let go from his job at a newspaper because the editor said he lacked inspiration. Yes, the editor actually said that. Isn’t that bologna. haha.

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A year of…

Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

Photo Credit : Brooke Shaden

It’s that time of the year again! 2013 has gone and 2014 is HERE! Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! I sure did.

And I already have my New Year’s Resolution written up. Do you?

I am so excited for this year. So many things to do and see.

Here are a few things from my resolution for 2014

  1. Lose Weight & Get Fit
  2. Do a 5K
  3. Get an Agent
  4. Get a Publisher
  5. Start on book 2
  6. Finish a book I am in the middle of
  7. Learn Afrikaans
  8. Get something published on Glimmer Train

A Year Of…

I heard about this challenge called “A Year Without” at the World Domination Summit from Leo Babauta from the well known Zenhabits blog. And have been thinking about doing something similar for this year, but instead I am going to call my challenge “A year of…” [Read more...]